Astronomy Observation Science

The astronomy observation also known as observational astronomy is a division of the natural science known as astronomy. Astronomy is the natural science that studies celestial objects such as the following: Planets, stars, nebulae, comets, galaxies and star clusters. This type of science also studies the phenomena, which originates outside the earth atmosphere. An example of the phenomena is the cosmic background radiation.

According to the history of astronomy, this natural science is one of the oldest sciences. It is known that prehistoric cultures had left behind several astronomic artifacts such as the following: Nubian monuments, Stonehende and Egyptian monuments. Early civilizations such as the Greeks, Indians, Maya, Chinese and Babylonians had performed observations of the sky during the nighttime. In the 20th century this field was divided into two branches known as: Theoretical and Observational. The astronomy observation is a division of this natural science that is focus on collecting data with theoretical astrophysics. Observational main concerned is to find measurable implications of physical models. It is a very known practice for the observation of celestial objects with the usage of telescopes and other astronomical devices.

The first person who used the telescope to view the sky and record what he was viewing was the Italian astronomer known as Galileo Galilei. He is part of the scientists of astronomy. The astronomy observation has receive several advances with the improvement of telescope technology. Optical astronomy is the part of this natural science, which uses optical components such as lenses, solid state detectors and mirrors. These components are use to observe the light from infrared to ultraviolet wavelengths. Radio astronomy is known for detecting radiation of wavelength. It uses receivers which are similar to the ones used for radio transmission more these are more sensitive.

The optical telescope and infrared telescope are part of the history of astronomy observation. The optical telescope is used to focus and gather light from the visible part of electromagnetic spectrum for direct viewing a magnified image for the making of a photograph or to gather data with image sensors. Infrared telescope uses infrared light to detect celestial bodies. An individual who is interested in this natural science career area can check their local universities for further studies details. An example of an university in the United States for astronomy studies is the SCSU known as The St. Cloud State University. SCSU is very known for its amazing planetarium, which is use by the its students. Here, at this website you will find all information about astronomy observation.

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